Little Lights SHINE

Praise Jesus with me…”

SING along with me... The wise man built his house upon a rock!
SING along with meJesus loves the little Children!
SING along with me I will give you rest!
SING along with us... I am a promise!

Read about Jesus with me”

READ along with me... John 14: 14-15
READ along with me… Mark 10: 14
READ along with me... Psalms 139: 14
READ along with me… Colossians 3.17

“Pray to Jesus with me

Pray along with me… At the start the day
Pray along with me… Thank you LORD

Little Lights at PLAY

 Our BIBLE Art

Our Summer School Activities

During the summer our local church opened its doors, all week long to our little lights. Together, they enjoyed a range of indoor activities, trips to the park, packed lunches, etc. One of the highlight of their week was being coached by our very own Special Olympic Gold Medalist – Bro Damir.

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