Our Pastor

As a scholar of God’s Word, I’m under no illusion about the work and responsibility God has laid upon me… I am confident that the saints of the Most High God will pray fervently and effectively for my wellbeing and for the will of God to be accomplished in me and through me…”

Pastor: Dr. M. Taylor

Although academically qualified ( a PhD in Theology, MBA, etc) Evangelist Taylor did not earn her credentials for pastoral office in the universities of man but was divinely certified through great personal sacrifice and suffering for the NAME (2 Cor. 11: 23-30). Throughout it all she remained constant, true and fully committed to God and His people.

It was not only the experiential knowledge of God that fit Evangelist Taylor for pastoral office but her ministry was forged through many years of arduous study; all night prayer and protracted fasting. She excelled by remaining absolutely obedience to God irrespective of the consequences, humbling herself before God, and by sitting studiously under the tutelage of our great apostolic fathers such as Bishop S. A. Dunn and Bishop M. H. Simmonds.

Today, Evangelist Taylor is an anointed prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor; gifted (by God) to the Body of Christ for this generation. Her four-fold ministry crosses international borders, embraces all ages, all cultures and people from all stations in life. In caring for the flock of Christ, locally, nationally and internationally, she has indeed rescued many souls from the perishing.

Since her appointment in 2017, our pastor has been working relentlessly. She has put in place several community initiatives and training programmes to develop our Church family.

Her heart’s desire is that all men be saved. Should you like to make an appointment with our Pastor, please contact us.

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